Julia Austin

A little about me…


After five years as a member of the faculty in the Rock Center For Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School, I am now focused solely on my Executive Coaching practice with startup CEOs and paying it forward with underserved communities through nonprofit organizations such as hackNY and Good For Her. I also advise, consult with and sit on the boards of early stage startups. I love working with super smart, authentic, people – the nerdier the better – who work hard, keep it real and know how to have fun. Never bored, I love to paint, travel (pre-pandemic) and meet interesting people who strive to get the most out of life.

For more details about my professional life go to my LinkedIn profile. And follow me on Twitter @austinfish!

I also like to blog about work and life stuff.

2 thoughts on “Julia Austin

  1. Hi Julia,
    It was great meeting you yesterday. Thanks for the pep talk on visibility in the workplace.
    Your talk about being pulled back to Boston really resonated with me. This new Pivotal Labs office is the latest thing that keeps me here–which I definitely have mixed feelings about–but we’re really building an amazing team!

    While we have the great guidance of Pivotal Labs’ larger offices, most of our office is brand new to Boston. We’d benefit a lot by hearing about your experiences starting the VMware Boston site.
    Any chance you’d be free for a lunch time talk?

    We’re currently working out of the WeWork space in Boston across from South Station, as we patiently await our EMC space. We’d love to host you here in one of the large conference rooms and I can connect you with our site director directly if you have the bandwidth.



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